Date for the diary

So the second open-invitation Edinburgh Cake Ladies meeting is going to take place.

We took a straw poll online and it’s been decided that the event will be held on Tuesday 19th July 2011. The event will start at 6pm and everyone is welcome.

For those that did not attend the first Edinburgh Cake Ladies (Clandestine Cake meeting), head over to the about page to bring yourself up to speed.

Numbers will be limited like last time, so if you want to attend, I suggest subscribing to this blog via email (or RSS) to claim a space.

This is not a competition. This ‘rule’ is particularly handy for me, since I can’t bake for toffee.  It’s all about eating cake in my world.


Alison's front door for her cake party in 2010


6 thoughts on “Date for the diary

  1. Can’t wait! The first event was wonderful! Have signed up to the emails and will await further cakey information! 🙂

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