And the attendees are………….

Well my administration skills were put to the test on Monday night when requests for places came in thick and fast from 1801 hours!  Thanks to those that attended the first one that were happy to let others take their place this time.

The theme for the event:

Last Cake on Earth

You must bake a cake as if it was going to be the last one you ever ate!

As with the previous events, no cupcakes etc and it must be big enough to provide 8-12 slices.  Mahoosive cakes are welcome so everyone can try a piece of your creation.

If you know what you’re going to bake already, then please let me know to post on here so others can get inspiration and to avoid cakes that are the same.  Everyone is a baker this time, so it really is going to be a cake-fest.

Further details and location will be advised in due course.

In no particular order, the attendees are:

Alison @Edinburghcake – choc and hazelnut cake
Lucy Silverston – vic sponge
Gillian Brown – chocolate feast (3 layers)
Rebecca Gibb – double ginger cake
Aoife @Myhomesupper – rainbow cake
Susan @2Edinburgh (+ daughter) – chocolate & fruit cake
Chiara @erucola –
Stephanie @sunbrunchclub – passion fruit
Anne @mrsmagic – chocolate dipped cherry cake
Lisa @ Harbourhussy – mahoosive carrot cake
Nicole @Burghbakes – keylime marshmallow pie
Rachel @Charlie_Evelyn –  summer honey, lemon and lavender cake
Hil Mark – chocolate brownie meringue cake with raspberries
Hilary @Hilsters – HUGE red velvet cake
Lizzie @lizziesteaparty – lime and coconut cakes
Lea @bakersbunny – tipsy trifle
Katey @Edin_eats – Angel food cake
Sophia @Senseofscotland – berry cheese cake
Vicky P – Devil’s Food Cake
Michelle H – chocolate surprise
Lucy @smithlh – Mondrian cake
Claire W – apple and cinnamon cake
Julie D – lemon tart
Claire F – lemon drizzle cake
Kerry H –
Helena W – bakewell
Lorna P @Ilovepurecakes – chocolate & orange mouse w/a saffron & rose water glaze
Heather Jones – orange and almond cake


If you can’t subsequently come, please email me to let me know as soon as possible so someone on the waiting list can take your place.  Obviously illness can happen at the last moment, but if it’s looking unlikely, drop me an email.


Please bake your cake in hygienic conditions (I will hold no responsibility for illness after cakes).  You will also be required to state if the cake contains gluten, peanuts etc for those that have allergies.

Any subsequent requests for places will be put on a waiting list (in order) So far we have 4 waiting:

Sarah P

Sara Stewart

Lesley J

Sarah B


Mmmmmm, cake


3 thoughts on “And the attendees are………….

  1. I’ve just been looking through the blogs from the last event and at the pictures of the cakes ….actually can’t wait!

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