Special guest announced

I am pleased to announce that Lynn Hill, founder of The Clandestine Cake Club is coming to the event on 19th July all the way from Leeds. She just couldn’t stay away from the calorie-free cake to be had at the Edinburgh meetings.

Faster than you could say ‘I’ll have a slice of cake’, Lynn booked her ticket on the East Coast line.

For those who attended the first event and have met Lynn, it will be great to catch up again, but for those who are attending their first Edinburgh Clandestine Cake event – be sure to say hello.

I’m glad to see that a little thing like living in Leeds doesn’t stop one visiting Edinburgh for cake.


2 thoughts on “Special guest announced

  1. I have just found this! Can you let me know when your next cake event is as I would be very interested in coming along.



    • Hi Jo, sorry for the delay in response, there has been a baton handover in organiser! Anyway, have just posted the new event details on this blog and on facebook, hope you can join us! Invite to follow soon for attendance!

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