Happy second birthday to us!

Today was our second birthday. Yes, that’s right we’ve officially been eating cake as a group for two whole years.

Back to a smaller meeting at a member’s house today, where everyone brought a cake of their choice.

The room was set with mis-matched crockery.

China cups

It didn’t take long before the doorbell was ringing with eager cake ladies.

To avoid sugar highs, we started off the afternoon with artisan breads from Patisserie Jacob, cheeses, crisps and grapes.

We don't always eat cake

Alison had her new plate ready for the cakey action.

Breaking the new plate in with lots of cake

Our ‘waitress’ was a twelve year old niece of one of the cake ladies and she did an amazing job to make sure we had napkins, cutlery and lashings of tea.

The lemongrass and marigold tea was the hit of the day with the white pomegranate a close second.

Then it was cake time.

One by one, the waitress brought the cakes through to the lounge with a big smile on her face.

Lemon Victoria sponge with fresh lemon curd filling

Raspberry mousse cake

Orange and blackberry cake which was so large, there wasn't a plate big enough!

Raspberry polenta cake, straight out the oven and still warm

Swedish almond cake

Fraisier strawberry gateaux

A meringue cake that got slightly squashed in transit, but did say 'Happy Birthday 2' on it.

Chocolate chili cake

We just got stuck in.

After 2 years of eating cake, there is no shyness any more. It’s just a case of getting a knife and getting a slice (or two or three…..)

Inside the raspberry mousse cake

Inside the Fraisier cake

Panda plate was well used

A successful afternoon with wonderful tea and cake. Here’s to lots of further meetings in the coming year.

Details of May’s baking event which has 20 places will be published on this blog on Sunday evening. You can subscribe by email on the top right hand corner.


7 thoughts on “Happy second birthday to us!

  1. I’ve just had a plate of chips…i think there is something wrong with me…a wonderful afternoon!

  2. Your photos are brilliant. I rushed too much with mine and many turned out blurry. Next time I shall calm down and not just be thinking about getting the next slice. 🙂

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