Morning social event – Wednesday 2nd May 2012

Howe Street

We’re off to Leo’s Beanery – are you coming?

After our successful first morning meeting and our second one at French Fancies  we’re pleased to announce that our third morning meeting over cake will be held at Leo’s Beanery in Howe Street. A few of the us have already tried out the baked goods and give the venue the Edinburgh Cake Ladies seal of approval.


From 10.30am on Wednesday 2nd May. Leo’s Beanery can be found at 23a Howe Street, Edinburgh 42 London Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TF

We have provisionally reserved a table, but don’t know how many people are going to pop along. If you plan on coming to the this social meeting, can you drop us an email or tweet us so we have an idea of rough numbers. Whether there is two or twelve people, there’s sure to be some good chat over tea and cake.

We will be purchasing our drinks (and slices of cake) from the venue. There is no need to bring one along.

Lea @Bakersbunny and Alison @edinburghcake will be your contacts for this meeting.

Everyone welcome, including little ‘uns so see you there!

Please note that there will be no further reminders of this meeting and should it prove popular, it will be held on the first Wednesday of every month. Next meeting will be on 6th June 2012.


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