Those who are getting fruity……

Thank you to everyone applying for a place at our summer event at Craigie’s Farm. As usual, the event was over-subscribed. We looked at who applied for places last month and didn’t get one and new people applying.  The bakers for the event on 27th June 2012 are as follows:

Wendy (organiser) – Strawberry Victoria sponge

Lucy (helper) – Blackcurrant streusel cake

Alison – Chocolate fruit surprise (!)

Michelle – Raspberry layer mousse cake  (no longer attending)

Lisa Stocks – ‘For heaven’s sake’ peaches and nectarines cake (no longer attending)

Stephanie – Victoria sponge with a fruity twist (no longer attending)

Lea – Carmen Miranda psycho pineapple chocolate chaos celebration cake

Allison P – Orange cheesecake with strawberry and elderflower jelly

Chiara – Lemon polenta

Hannah – Eton mess

Ingrid & Stuart – Nectarine and cinnamon cake

Lizzie – Fruit drizzle cake

Rachel – TBC

Lynne – Raspberry Victoria sponge

Fiona H – St Clement’s Cake

Cat Bergman* – Passionfruit and coconut (no longer coming)

Betty* – Mixed berry cake

Jane Hutchison* – Sticky date cake with toffee sauce

Mairi* – Raspberry & apricot ripple cake

Shauna – Summer celebration cake

Last minute attendees Due to cancellations on the morning and afternoon of the27th, the following ladies have stepped in at the last moment (those on waiting list were asked, but couldn’t come at a few hour’s notice)

Victoria – Scandinavian fruit cake

Lou – Raspberry and white chocolate

Those marked with * are new to the cake ladies, so please give them a big warm cakey welcome.

Those that have been successful in getting a place will get an email reminder before the event. Should you subsequently not be able to come, please let us know so someone on the waiting list can take your place.

Waiting list:

Shauna – Summer celebration cake (replacing Cat Bergman)

Caro – Blueberry & apple cake

Gillian B – Black forest cake

Gwen – Rhubarb and custard cake

Here is the register. Remember if you help out at an event, you automatically get a place for the one after. We always need helpers, each event takes quite a bit of organising.

Please use the hashtag #gettingfruity on twitter and try to speak to other cake ladies to share lifts out to Craigie’s. The event will start at the slightly later time of 7pm to let the traffic die down. Drinks will be purchased from the venue as usual.

There will also be a professional photographer at this event, but it is *entirely* up to you whether you get your photo take or not.

He plans to take pictures of those attending with their cakes for his portfolio. If your photo is taken, you will be given a password to access your photo on his website and they will not go online to the public without your permission.

Mmmm, lemon cake


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