Summer break

Cake from Tea at 94

We’re having a little summer break from official cake events.

It takes quite a bit of organising to run a baking event. We have to liaise with the venue, write blog posts, deal with the emails asking for places etc then run the event itself, whilst posting on our social media channels. Add it all together and it takes up quite a lot of hours in a month.

Due to other work commitments this summer, it’s not possible to run another event in the near future*.

However, in the mean time, if wish to start your own baking club, we’ll happily support you. Perhaps you would like to create the Edinburgh Bakers and stray away from sweet baking for a while?

Or perhaps you would like to run a mini-event in your own home?

You could also join in Sofi’s Bar monthly baking club if you need to get your monthly fix of baking.

We do have some exciting venues lined up for baking events in the Autumn and of course, we can’t wait for the afternoon tea at the Waldorf Astoria in December.

Also, you can check out the other Scottish Baking Clubs that are on offer and let us know of any new ones that start up.

Although we have events planned for the Autumn, the demand for spaces is always going to outstrip the number available. We now have over 300 subscribers to this blog plus 1300+ followers on our social media channels. There simply aren’t enough spaces to keep everyone happy, which is why we think it would be good for another club (or two) to open for baking business.

The Edinburgh Cake Ladies might be going underground for a while but may ‘pop-up’ at extremely short notice. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and twitter stream for details of any impromptu meetings or cake deals from around town that we find out about.

If you can ‘host’ the morning meetings on the first Wednesday every month, please let us know by email and we’ll announce the details on your behalf. Hosting consists of being there first and welcoming any new faces. The meetings pretty much run themselves as everyone just chats over tea and cake(s).

Cake news

Looking Glass Books is a new bookshop in the Quartermile, but sells wonderful cakes (from Manna House and Love Crumbs). Best of all, it’s open until 9pm, Monday – Thursday.

Pommery Champagne Bar is popping up again for the month of August. Not just champers, but delicious afternoon teas amidst the splendour of the Signet Library. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details of how to become a VIP member and hear of any offers.

Mrs C’s Cakes is a new business currently being set up by one of the cake ladies, Emma. You can like her Facebook page to follow her news.

Have a great summer and see you somewhere soon!



*Alison, the main organiser, is busy with Fringe related stuff and Victoria, the other main organiser, is in Canada for the summer.


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