Edinburgh Festival cake events – August 2012


Although we’re technically on a summer break from baking events, we are delighted to tell you about some very exciting cake dates for August.

As part of the Festival of Spirituality and Peace there are three cake related dates to put in your diary.

Any Edinburgh Cake Lady (or man) is welcome to attend any of these events since they are part of the Festival and open to all. Look out on twitter and Facebook for who else in attending.

Hopefully there will be a good number of Cake Ladies attending the third event at the end of August as it will be a whole lot of fun. This is perfect for those that don’t like baking so much, but more the eating of the cake. If you do want to bake a pudding, you get in for free.

If you plan to bring a pudding, it must be big enough for 8 people and you must let us know you are planning to do so as there are limited numbers for those bringing their own puddings.

1.  The Great Cake Bake sale. Wednesday 8th August from 11am – 12pm, St John’s Church. Free entry.

From the brochure: Are you ‘Into cake’? Are you a pudding prodigy? Celebrate the diversity of sweet tastes with us in this cake bake sale featuring cakes and desserts from different cultures.

The proceeds from all sales will go to FoSP charity Mary’s Meals.

2.  Intercake! The Great Pudding Masterclass. St John’s Church Hall, Wednesday 8th August 6pm – 7pm.

From the brochure: Are you ‘Into Cake’? Are your buns simply the best? Come and discover some new skills and new favourite recipes in this masterclass – suitable for kitchen novices and master bakers alike. A booklet featuring popular sweet & pudding recipes from different cultures is included with each paid entry.

Tickets here, £5 and under 12s go free.

3.  Intercake! The Great Pudding Party. Sunday 26th August from 4pm – 6pm, St John’s Church Hall.

From the brochure: Are you ‘Into Cake’? Do delicious deserts delight you? Come and enjoy some tastes of the world in our interfaith pudding party! A whole range of delectable deserts will be served to set your taste buds tingling and a fun family quiz will provide a bit of food for the brain as well. This is a strictly savoury-free zone! Free admission with cake to serve 8.

Tickets here unless you are bringing your own pudding (let us know!)

Facebook event page for the Great Pudding Party

Volunteers still needed

Due to other work commitments, Alison can not remind people of this event on twitter and Facebook throughout August. If someone would like to manage the social media for the Edinburgh Cake Ladies for August, including reminding people about these events, then please drop us an email ASAP.

We are still looking for other volunteers to help run the events all year round. Thank you to the two people that came forward after the last blog post, but unless more people step up to help, there will be no further baking events.

See you at St John’s!


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