East West Cake – places open now!

We recently unveiled our plans to start 2013 with an epic cake event and our East West Cake event.

Along with our friends in the West, the Glasgow Bakers  this joint event will take place on Sunday 20th January at 28 York Place, Edinburgh.

Around a dozen of Glasgow Bakers are heading East to meet with us for a ‘cake off’.

Request your place now!

The rest of the places will be filled by Edinburgh Cake Ladies (and men). Places are aviailable to request now by emailing us at edinburghcakeladies (@) gmail.com

Please inform us of the cake you would like to make, but like the last event, please keep it a secret. We don’t want the Glasgow Bakers knowing what we’ve got planned 😉

We’re fine to have duplicates this time, but we just want to check that there’s not too many of one kind.

There are 35 places left for us, so we do hope to be able to squeeze everyone in. Should the event be oversubscribed, there will be a waiting list as there will no doubt be a few drop outs due to winter sniffles and coughs.

Closing date for applying for a place is Friday 14th December.

Lisa's epic showstopper

Lisa’s epic showstopper

When and where?

Date – 20th January 2013

Time – 2pm – 4pm
Where – 28 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EP

As usual, teas, coffees and drinks will be purchased from the venue. We will be setting up the room so that each table is a mixture of Glasgow Bakers and Edinburgh Cake Ladies. Let’s get to know each other over tea and cake!

Social media

You can talk to us @EdinCakeladies and the bakers from the west @GlasgowBakers

Twitter hashtag #eastwestcake


One thought on “East West Cake – places open now!

  1. Aye,put me doon for that one! I’ve got a new job too,so I’ll have the time aff to attend. I might have to miss church for that event,mind. Lisa Xxxxx P.S. that’s a sh%te cake you’ve got pictured there.

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