Cake platters and East meets West update

A lock-in at Tea at 94

A lock-in at Tea at 94

Tonight we had a ‘lock-in’ at the excellent Tea at 94 for our Christmas social event. Lots of cakes were eaten over good chat.

Thanks to Michelle for hosting us and devising a special ‘cake platter’ menu just for us.

Best menu ever!

Best menu ever!

Many cake ladies opted for the treble cake platter, but some (naming no names) chose the quadruple one! A slice of white chocolate and lemon cake, blackberry sponge, chocolate brownie pie and coconut tart. What a way to spend a cold winter evening!

Cake platter

Cake platter

Places for our East meets West cake event are still open and will close this Friday. Lots of room for this event, so don’t be put off applying for a place, we hope to squeeze everyone in!

We’re also looking for new motto for 2013. If you’ve got any ideas, please let us know. 2012 has been ‘year of the cake’ but we are sure there’s a better motto our there for 2013.


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