East West Cake – the photos!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies and gents who braved the cold and headed to our venue today armed with amazing cakes.

The Glasgow Bakers enjoyed themselves and certainly weren’t shy in tucking in to all the cakes on offer.

Here is a selection of the cakes that were presented today:


Sue’s chocolate and fruit showstopper


Becky’s chocolate and raspberry cake


Kirsteen’s topical Glasgow cake


Adele’s rainbow ruffle cake


Katey’s Concorde cake


Yasmin’s chocolate framboise


Sarah’s gingerbread Guiness cake with poached pears


Rachel’s caramelised banana upside down cake


Doboz torte – Frances


Fiona’s carrot, orange and pistachio cake


Wendy’s pavlova

Barry's sherryless trifle cake

Barry’s sherryless trifle cake

Inside Michelles fraisier

Inside Michelles fraisier

Adele's cake was multi-coloured inside as well

Adele’s cake was multi-coloured inside as well

Inside Belinda's cake

Inside Belinda’s cake

As you can see from the selection we’ve posted, we were spoilt for choice!

As ever, it wasn’t a competition, but just a bunch of bakers coming together for tea, chat and loads of cake.

Not only were there people from the Edinburgh Cake Ladies and Glasgow Bakers, but a couple of Fife Bakers joined in the fun.

We officially declare today’s event as the first Scottish Cake Convention!

Blog entries. Do let us know if you blogged about the event and we will add it in below:

Janis’s entry (Fife Baker as well as an Edinburgh Cake Lady)

Adele’s entry

Becky’s entry (Glasgow Baker)

Caroline’s entry (first time attendee)


10 thoughts on “East West Cake – the photos!

    • We only realised it was a ‘convention’ today. Everyone is welcome to our meetings anytime, we have people travel down from Aberdeen to join in!

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