Event – Tower of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two, 20th March 2013

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two – 20th March 2013

After our extremely successful Tower of Terrific Tray bakes night at Bon Papillon last summer, we’re repeating the theme as a ‘take-two’ event.

We want to encourage people that have perhaps been too terrified of baking for one of our previous events to come along with their favourite tray bake. Our events are fun and not a competition, so please don’t be frightened to attempt to bake, we assure you it will be eaten!

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes‘ is our theme for March again.

Our venue for this event is the excellent Bon Papillon and the event will start at 6.30pm and teas/drinks will be bought from the venue.

The hash tag on twitter for this event is #edinTTTTT

Choosing tray bakes allows them to be cut into smaller pieces so those attending can try lots of different kinds in an effort to find their favourite.

You must make enough for at least 12 full slices, but high towers of tray bakes are positively encouraged.


Please email edinburghcakeladies (at) gmail (dot) com before  –  EVENT HAS  BEEN CLOSED EARLY to request your place at the ‘Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two’ event on 20th March. Yes, that’s right, you can email now.

Please email your first and second choices of tray bakes in case of duplicates.

There are 18 places available (due to size of venue).

New members are postively welcomed.

Details of how to get your place at this year’s Christmas Afternoon Tea in aid of It’s Good 2 Give will be released again soon. Although the event is ‘sold out’, we bagged quite a few tables early on, so there should be room for everyone that would like to come.

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes from last summer

Please note that in the event of the evening being over subscribed, we will choose attendees via a draw.

Should you wish to help out a future event, please let us know. If you’re a helper, your place is guaranteed at the event and the next event as a thank you.


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