Attendees for the Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two event are….

Well it seems 2013 is going to be a busy year for us after a overwhelming amount of applications for the places for our March event.

It’s hard to get it right as we had spaces left at January’s event but this one we could fill twice over and have closed applications early to avoid more disappointed people.

Below are the people that were drawn from a hat with the exception of the hosts & organisers. The other exception is our charity patron Lynne who works so hard, she deserves to sit down with a cuppa and cake lady Michelle who has just had a gorgeous baby boy so we have gifted her a place!

Attendees and tray bakes….

  • Ingrid and Stuart (Bon Papillon hosts)
  • Pamela (organiser) – Rocky road
  • Wilma (organiser) – ‘Banana and walnut squares’
  • Alison  – Malteser tray bake
  • Lynne (our charity patron) – TBA
  • Michelle – Alfie!
  • Sue – Date slice
  • Marie-Joelle – Bienenstich w/ rhubarb (missed East West cake due to sickness)
  • Lynsey – Fifteens
  • Victoria – Nanaimo bars
  • Lucy Cameron – Rocky Road fudge
  • Clare Taylor – Lemon drizzle
  • Adele – Brigadeiros
  • Katey – Chocolate cherry slice
  • Susan (and daughter Helen) – flapjacks
  • Fiona – Rolo slice
  • Wendy – Tomato soup tray bake  (no longer attending, Janis from waiting list in her place)
  • Rachel McWilliams – Chocolate and almond slice
  • Lou – Apricot and coconut slice (missed East West cake place due to illness)

Waiting list

  • Janis – now attending
  • Kay Wright
  • Pauline Tillotson
  • Jane H – can no longer make it
  • Lucy Torres

People do normally drop out for one reason or another, so don’t despair and keep checking your inbox for a last minute cancellation for a place that you can step into.

For those that haven’t been to an event before, please arrive with your tray bakes ready to display (saves venue cleaning 18 + extra plates) and a Tupperware box to take what you can’t eat home!

We’ll supply a label, so please let us know if you deviate from your original bake.

Drinks are bought from the venue at your own expense.


2 thoughts on “Attendees for the Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two event are….

  1. Thanks for the place, I will try my tomato soup cake out on Ross and Ian first if its bad I will change and keep you in the loop



  2. Ooooh, I got a place, that’s exciting x I see Pamela is doing rocky road, so I may change and do a blondie or something to keep more variety!! I’ll decide and let you know over the next couple of days if that is ok?

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