Hello Edinburgh Bakers!

This blog looks familiar doesn’t it?

That’s because it’s the exact same as before, the only thing we’ve done is change our name.

As of today, we are now known as the Edinburgh Bakers, but will always have fond memories of our ‘maiden’ name, the Edinburgh Cake Ladies.

We wanted our new name to reflect the fact that our meetings and events are for everyone, not just ladies.

Also, we don’t discriminate against any forms of baking/eating, we’re all about the sweet things and savoury!

Please bare with us as we check all our links work and make people aware of our name change. The only thing we couldn’t swap over was our Facebook page, so have had to start a new one. If you could give a little love to the new Edinburgh Bakers page, it would be appreciated.

Our new contact details are:

Email: edinburghbakers (at) gmail.com

Facebook – Facebook.com/Edinburghbakers

Twitter – @EdinburghBakers

You can sign up to our mailing list (we will never spam you).

Don’t worry if you still email / tweet the old name, we’ll direct you to the new one!


One thought on “Hello Edinburgh Bakers!

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