REVIEW – Cuckoo’s Bakery summer cupcake range

The lovely people at Cuckoo’s Bakery always come up with amazing flavours of cupcakes in their Dundas Street premises.

Their summer 2013 range is no exception. On sale from today until 1st September only, we were eager to dive into their latest creations and ordered a summer cupcake box as we just couldn’t decide which one to choose, so thought it best to try them all!

A box of heaven

A box of heaven

Top row, left to right: black and white cheesecake, pink lemonade, chocolate strawberry sundae. Bottom row, left to right: tropical twist, rhubarb and elderflower, raspberry daiquiri.

It’s safe to say all of the cakes were fabulous, Cuckoo’s excel themselves with wonderful creations and flavours.

Out of the three people who were tasting today, we particularly liked the black and white cheesecake flavour and with the giant blackberry on top it was practically healthy. The cheesecake texture inside makes this more of a dessert than a cupcake.

The pink lemonade cupcake was sweet and zingy and looked almost too beautiful, pink and girlie to cut into.

The chocolate strawberry sundae certainly proved popular with our tasters and gave us our chocolate cake fix for the day with a dose of classic vanilla topping.

Chocolate and strawberry sundae

Chocolate and strawberry sundae

The tropical twist was a perfect choice for today’s sunny weather. The mango and passionfruit coulis running through the coconut and pineapple sponge was a heavenly combination.

The rhubarb and elderflower cake had subtle summer flavours with beautifully flavoured jam inside the moist rhubarb sponge.

Raspberry Daquiri

Raspberry Daquiri

The one we declared our favourite of of the day was the sublime raspberry daiquiri cupcake. We all said we could eat these non-stop for hours!

Hidden in the middle of the lime sponge is raspberry and rum coulis (with alcohol) which tasted exactly like a cocktail. With the most perfect raspberry and lime buttercream on top, the flavours made this little delight our favourite out of the six different kinds we tried.

Cuckoo’s have created another fabulous range of cupcakes (in addition to their regular range) and we suggest you hot foot it down to Dundas Street this summer so you can find your favourite to devour.

Feel free to buy us a raspberry daquiri one please!

You can follow Cuckoo’s Bakery on twitter @CuckoosBakery and like them on Facebook. You can also order online and cupcakes can be delivered within the Edinburgh area.


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