Tescos Queen’s 90th Birthday Shortbread

When we got an invite to see shortbread coming off the factory line inside Burton’s biscuit factory in Edinburgh, we cleared our diaries and skipped to Sighthill in excitement.

Tescos has released a beautiful commemorative tin full of delicious shortbread for the Queen’s 90th birthday in June. You can buy them now for a very reasonable price of £4 per tin in all Tesco stores (until stocks run out).


The commemorative tin


After strenuous hygiene procedures, we got a tour of the factory floor and were lucky enough to sample the shortbread coming out of the 100 metre long oven!


One of the extremely long ovens inside the Burton’s Biscuit factory

It was a hard job eating some of the freshly baked shortbread, but we managed to do it and can report that it is extremely delicious and tastes exactly as shortbread should.


Fresh off the line


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 19.16.23

Tesco & Burton’s information 

We highly recommend you get your hands on one of these tins! Not only is the tin reusable, but we can report that the shortbread is perfect with a good cuppa.

The tin is limited edition, so don’t delay in getting yours. We’ll be having another piece or two on the Queen’s birthday, that’s if we have any left ……..


A little bit about Burton’s

With a heritage dating back for generations, Burton’s Biscuit Company continues to thrive as one of the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturers.

Burton’s Biscuit Company has been baking quality biscuits for over 75 years, though our history can be traced back to George Burton (born 1829) who began producing biscuits in Leek, Staffordshire in the mid 1800’s.

Burton’s employs over 2,200 people around the UK, in three main manufacturing facilities, in Edinburgh, Llantarnam and Blackpool, a chocolate refinery in Moreton, and a central distribution hub in Liverpool. Our head office is based in St Albans.

We have been working together for many years developing Tesco biscuits from Rich Tea and Digestives through to Christmas Shortbread and Chunky Cookies (one will recently reached the final of the Grocer Own Label Awards – Tesco White Choc and Raspberry Cookie.

The Burtons team and Tesco team work very collaboratively and have a forward thinking, proactive relationship.

STV Edinburgh also paid the factory a visit.


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