Who are the Edinburgh Bakers?

You can read more about us and how we formed here.

Who runs the club?

Various people have volunteered to run events, so it changes from time to time. Alison does all the administration to do with the running the club, Facebook and twitter etc. She assists the current organiser in the running of the events. Volunteers to help at events are always welcome!

Is everybody welcome to attend one of the meetings?

Absolutely! We welcome ladies and gents from across town (and beyond). We have ladies that travel from Aberdeen and Glasgow at the moment, so distance is no object to joining in the fun.

How do I get a place at a meeting?

You must keep an eye out for future events. You can do this a variety of ways.

Do I have to be able to bake?

No, sometimes there are places for non-bakers at the events and some events don’t involve any baking at all (such as Charity Afternoon Teas and special meetings).  It is all about the cake with us and not a competition. Naturally there are some fabulous bakers amongst us, but you will find that everyone will encourage you and offer tips.

Does it cost anything to attend?

No, it doesn’t cost anything to attend a meeting (apart from cost of your drinks). We will never charge for anyone to attend and no money should ever change hands at these meetings (except in special circumstances, such as a charity event).

Is it ok to come alone?

Yes, if you’re new to town, or just fancy trying something new, then this group is perfect for you. The Edinburgh Bakers started with 3 members and has grown considerably with lots of friendships formed along the way.

Am I allowed to promote my business at these events?

No hard-sell is allowed as cake is the priority. But of course, if someone asks you in the passing what you do for a living, you are more than welcome to tell them.  Once you have attended an event, you can get named on the blogroll.

What is the motive of the Edinburgh Bakers group?

The only motive we have is to continue to get groups of people together for good conversation over cake. There are no promotions of our other businesses and websites on this blog or at meetings. It’s all about the cake.

I would like to help run a future event, how can I do this?

Please email us to discuss the possibility.  We can assign you a meeting and provide the necessary guidance and support if needed.

If I sign up for blog entries via email or the mailing list, will I be sent lots of updates?

No. Cake ‘chat’ is done on our twitter feed and Facebook pages. Subscribing to the blog via email gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe any time you wish.

Blog entries on past events

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You can make a donation to us at any time you’d like to via our Virgin Just Giving page. Thanks!


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